Concrete Foundations Denver

Concrete Foundations Denver Contractor

We are a Foundation Contractor that specializes in new construction in both residential and commercial. A Foundation is an important part to any structure. Living by our Core Values of Quality and Communication, we are ready to construct your foundation based on your final stamped plans. We understand when building a home or business, timelines are crucial and we are ready mobilize and to complete the job by your deadline. 

What are the three types of Foundations?

When building a Structural foundation, there are typically three types. First you have your Slab on Grade foundation. Slab on grade foundations are common for smaller structures such as a shed.  Secondly, you have your crawlspace foundation. Walls are taller than your slab on grade so that you have crawl space accessibility for your structure. Thirdly, you have your full basement foundation which are pictures above. Full basement foundations are made up large walls and deep footers to support livable space below grade.

How do you build a foundation step by step?

Typically there are 5 steps to building a Concrete Foundation:

Step 1- Grading the lot and having the soil tested for compaction. Excavating trenches for the footings, shooting grades to level your house. 

Step 2- Installing rebar and having an inspection on the footing. Pouring the footing.

Step 3- Setting forms and rebar for the walls.

Step 4- Running any pipes per plans, inspection on wall, and pour.

Step 5- Clean up and final touches.