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Concrete Driveway Contractor in Denver

It’s amazing on how your driveway affects the curb of appeal of your home. Not only curb appeal but a badly cracked driveway makes it difficult to shovel in the winter time. If it’s time to do away with that old cracked driveway, then give us a call. We do free estimates and offer Concrete Driveway Repair services as well as Concrete Replacement options. 

What to know about your Concrete Driveway Replacement:

The Driveway is an important part of your property. Not only is it one of the most used areas, it’s also the one of the first parts to the front of your home that you and others see. When choosing your Concrete Driveway Contractor, its very important that you choose a Professional Concrete Contractor that is going to go through specific details on your new Concrete Driveway installation.

How thick should a concrete driveway be in Denver Colorado?

This question depends on what will be parked on your new driveway. Typically, your Concrete Driveway should be 4-6 inches thick. If your parking heavy equipment or vehicles such as an RV, then you want to pour your new replacement driveway  at 6″ thick and reinforce with a strong reinforcement like rebar. If your only parking your normal common sized car or truck then 4″ thick with reinforcement such as fiber mesh mixed in the concrete and/or wire is sufficient. When hiring your Concrete Driveway Contractor, it is important that they go over the thickness and reinforcement being used in your driveway with you. Many contractors out there will give a great price on your new concrete driveway to get the job, but will cut corners with thin concrete and potentially no reinforcement that will lead to a deteriorating final product.

What's the best type of reinforcement for Concrete?

Steel is the most common reinforcement that you can put into concrete to increase strength and durability. Rebar tied together in a grid is typically the best option when your parking RVs or other equivalent sized machine or vehicles. Rebar is also the more expensive option for reinforcement. Steel Wire mesh is also a great option for driveways that wont be holding big commercial grade vehicles. Another great option which the City of Denver requires in concrete poured for City Sidewalks or City of Denver Alleyways is fiber-reinforced polymer or sometimes called “Fiber Mesh”. Fiber Mesh consists of strong fibers that are mixed into the concrete and provide strength and stiffness to the Concrete. Core Concrete uses this fiber mesh in almost every mix with either rebar or wire mesh as well unless its a decorative concrete style then Core Concrete will only use steel reinforcement.

What Concrete mix is best for a Driveway?

Core Concrete only uses a quality mix for our jobs. We use a 4500 PSI (pounds per square inch) mix with fiber mesh in every pour (Excluding decorative concrete). This is the same mix The City of Denver Requires for alleys and sidewalks. It’s a very strong mix and paired with a steel reinforcement, your New Concrete Driveway will have strength and curb appeal for years to come. When hiring a Driveway Contractor, make sure they go over the type of mix they are using because the lower the PSI, the lower the strength and the cheaper the concrete is. 

Is it safe to use salt or ice melt on my New Concrete Driveway?

Ice melt or salt, eats away at your concrete over time and it is not recommended to use salt or ice melting products on concrete.

Are Concrete replacement consultations free?

At Core Concrete, whether you hire us or not, we want you to make the best informed decision on your concrete needs so we offer A No obligation Free Concrete Driveway Estimate.


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