Concrete Payment Plan

Can you make payments on Concrete?

When it comes to giving options to customers, Core Concrete stands out. We are proud to be the only Concrete Contractor in Denver to offer customers flexible payment plans. We take pride in striving to be the Best Concrete Contractor in Denver and providing the best options for our customers. 

How does qualifying for a payment plan work?

In offering our customers payment plan options, we wanted nothing but the best and easiest process and wouldn’t settle for anything less. First, we look at your project and provide you with a proposal for the scope of work. Secondly, if you wish to accept the proposal, we will send you a pre-qualification link to your email or cell phone. This pre-qualification is a soft hit on your credit so it does not hurt your score and an approval is usually instantaneous. After receiving an approval, you’ll be directed to an application that takes only minutes to complete and is completely digital so no worrying about printing and signing documents. After that, your project is ready to start construction. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we are more than happy to take care of you. 

Are interest rates high for construction financing?

The last thing we want is for one of our customers to finance a project with us and for them to pay high interest fees. We have different plan options available that meet different every budget. Our favorite and most used is 12 months Deferred interest on your project. If your project is $10,000 and as long as you pay this amount back within 12 months, you wont pay a penny more toward interest. If you want to pay your project down over a few years, we have rates as low as 6.99%

How much can I finance on a payment plan?

This will depend on a couple factors including credit score and debt to income ratio. In our experience, we have seen customers qualify for well over $100,000. However, we only recommend taking out only what you can afford to pay back within 12 months so that you don’t pay interest on your plan.